Black Holes

[From BLACK]

Black Holes: OR Up All Night to Get Lucky

conspiracy theories are cool I guess.

the denver airport. that devil horse. illuminati. freemasons. lizard people. underground cities.

The New World Order

ancient egypt. ancient aliens. ancient ancient.

what happens in the Bible

mesopotamia babylonia nubia phoenicia kush the moors

Dynasties on Dynasties

languages and alphabets. the tower of Babel


the roman empire. the greek empire.

the birth of The motherfucking West.

tribes and territory and turf and trade and trepidation


Cleopatra and Caesar and Caesar’s boy.

Plato and

Socrates-was he real?.

what is a real person?

what makes something real?

what is a


Galileo and Newton and Einstein and Copernicus

astronomy and astrology

myth and history merge

what is a star?

is a planet

is the sun

what did it feel like in BC times to look up at the sky?

Hey Homer, Plato Hates You!

making nuclear weapons is recreating a star


human beings are recreated stars


Neptune is a gas

what’s older Judaism or Islam?

molecules and atoms and pyramids and holograms

atom = Adam

the subversion of polytheistic religions by monotheism

pre-colonial coloniality

the periodic table

my Self is my Other

my Other is my Self

atoms flitter around and crash into each other and that’s how we get



stars start as helium and turn into supernovas once they get

heavy enough

heavy like iron

stars implode


we will never really know the world around us?

life starts in lakes

Orion’s Belt

damned if I do

damned if I don’t

Spring 2015

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