Black Light

[From BLACK]

Black Light Or Disturbed Little Dear

it’s the part that’s hiding

creeping around in my consciousness

lurking in the mist of my memories

loitering my losses

waiting silently to strike

the saboteur

the hella crazy.

the part that gets knocked down and can’t get back up

the part that’s been rejected

the part that’s been abandoned

the part that wants to die but can’t

the part that feels betrayed

the part that carries the weight of the weary whack-ass world

the part that’s been cheated jacked robbed tricked lied to

the part that’s cheated jacked robbed tricked lied

the part that’s not good enough, the part that’s never enough

Unworthy. Uncertain. Ashamed.

Utterly unlovable.

The Black Light

She hides in the shadows of my psyche waiting 

To take me over

To make me

think I’m her

she’s the wounded child

the victim

the part that didn’t deserve it

Disturbed lil’ Dear

the part that still doesn’t deserve it

the disordered. the discontented.the drama queen. the demon of denial

The Undiscovered

the part that just wants to


She’s like a

tidal wave

a torrential downpour

a tornado. a tear

drop that no one even

bothers to wipe away

a temporary


a ticking

time bomb

Written April 2016

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