Black Coffee

[From BLACK]

Black Coffee or Shit We’ll Never Get Back

So much hangs in the


So much feels irrevocably

lost. You know, feelings and shit–

shit we’ll never

ever get



But really, they’re just memories

now. Even me sitting here

chewing this bagel like somewhat of a

cow, drinking my coffee black and somewhat

bitter, my

black coffee

staring across the table into his somewhat

piercing, ice cold eyes–it’s already

just a



And what are memories, really? Stories

we want to believe in? Stories

we can’t let go of? Stories

we tell ourselves to fall asleep? Stories

we’ve already



“Have fun be safe”

I don’t know if he means it, I never know if he

means it. I’ll never know.

He waves



I’m blacked out by the time I hit the highway

It figures

Tell Me How U RLY Feel Tho

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