a poetry collection
(soon-to-be Zine)

~let yourself be free of what haunts you~

  1. Black Kettle or Not Mine You’d Say/Filled With Junk 
  2. Black Sand or Nalini
  3. Black Sheep or That Windmill Did
  4. Pitch Black or I Don’t Remember
  5. Blackmail or He Said
  6. Black Coffee or Shit We’ll Never Get Back
  7. Black and Blue or Cooler Friends
  8. Black Market or On The Corner
  9. Black Magic or It Wasn’t The Way
  10. Black Holes or Up All Night To Get Lucky
  11. Black Eye or Rye of the Storm
  12. Black Friday or A Month Ago Today
  13. Black Light or Disturbed Lil’ Dear
  14. Blacked Out or 100 Days Later

BLACK is the absorption of all color and the absence of light.

On a symbolic level, the color BLACK is said to hide things, things we may not want to be seen. The color BLACK represents mystery, secrets, and The Unknown. BLACK is all encompassing. BLACK consumes.

On an emotional level, we wear BLACK when we are mourning. On an aesthetic level, let’s face it–BLACK looks great on everyone. My closet has always been filled with only BLACK. But on a political level, we make BLACK somehow less than. We use the word BLACK to describe things that are dark or negative, or even evil. Black comedies, black sheep, black magic, blackmail, blacklist, and on and on…

But BLACK teaches me that:

telling secrets sets you free

thus BLACK is my experiment in self-forgetting through finding the words to say the things that were never supposed to be exposed & finding the courage to See what hides in the shadows.

BLACK teaches me that my darkest moments bring me the most LIGHT


“There’s something about black. You feel hidden away in it.”

— Georgia O’Keeffe